Life2orphans Directors


Life2Orphans Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the US, tax ID #20-5820570.


Megan Fordenbacher, President, Director

Paul Fordenbacher, Treasurer, Director

Cara-Donne Dearinger, Secretary, Director

Sara Bina, Director

Julia Shevchenko, Director

For any questions regarding the incorporation and non profit status of Life2Orphans, Inc., please email Paul Fordenbacher, Treasurer, at

Mail donation checks to:
11876 NW Tyler Court
Portland, Oregon 97229
  Ship packages and shipping checks to:
Nazarene Ministry of Help
Viktor Vityukov
5805 SE Gladstone
Portland, OR 97206
Shipping Instructions
Note: PayPal can NOT be used for shipping!

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