Online Food Store

This USA-based online food store enables you to order over 1000 food and household items and have them delivered to any address in Ukraine: Your purchase is considered a donation for tax purposes and you will receive a non-profit receipt.


      To send food to one of the Life2Orphans orphanages:

1. Browse to


2. Click on   to register. 

2. Complete the registration form and click OK

3. Click Back or Home to return to the home page.

4. Click .

5. Click on an orphanage to select it (the Life2Orphans orphanage addresses are already in the system). 

6. Enter the amount of detergent/school supplies/bedding/etc. required and click .

7. Browse to any of the other categories to select other products, for example, click Food

8. Add any other items that you want to send to the orphanage.

9. When you are done shopping, click Process Order to check out. Follow the instructions for payment.


The goods are bought locally in Ukraine. 


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