Antoshka Baby Orphanage
Home to 160 Children (ages 0-4)

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Antoshka Baby Orphanage
Head Physician: Anatoly Romanov
67A Dvortsovaya St.
Kramatorsk 84300 Ukraine
Tel: +38 (06264) 58455

Дом Ребенка 'Антошка'
Главврач - Романов Анатолий Алексеевич
ул.Дворцовая, 67 -А,
г.Краматорск, 84300
Донецкая область.
Тел: +38 (06264) 58455

Frequently Asked Questions

Are cloth toys/stuffed animals allowed? No

How many infants need formula?

How many children need cereal?

How many children eat other foods?

How many girls?

How many boys?

What is the shoe size range? Newborn - Toddler 4 (US)

What is the clothes size range? Newborn - 3T (US)

Is there a digital camera at the home? No

How many caregivers?

What items can I send to the children?
A full list of current needs can be found here. Other items that are always welcomed
and can be expensive/hard to obtain in Ukraine are warm coats, shoes, crib sheets,
washable diapers and diaper covers, small booties for non-walking children, ride-on
toys, blocks, wooden puzzles, rattles, pacifiers, heavy tights, underwear for up to 3T.

Can they use handmade "footies" (one piece overalls)?
These are very cheap in Ukraine, approximately $1 each. If you'd like to provide
this item for the orphanage a better idea might be to send a donation which will
be used to purchase the "footies" in Ukraine.

Any items which should NOT be sent?
Plastic bottles, plastic utensils, plastic plates, sippy cups
(sterilization issues)
Baby food, formula and cereals. These items need to be purchased in Ukraine
(government regulations prohibit acceptance of these items otherwise).
Sleepers and clothing with multiple buttons or snaps (too difficult to get
on and off the kids frequently)

How long does it take for the children to get my donation?
Once your donation is shipped from the mission in Portland, it should arrive at the
orphanage within 6-9 weeks.

Is this a tax deduction?
All donations sent to Life2Orphans through the mission in Portland, the
Nazarene Ministry of Help, are considered tax deductible. This includes the
postage paid to mail the package to Portland, as well as the cost to ship it on
to Ukraine. Life2Orphans will send you a receipt for the items sent and the cost
to ship the package from Portland to Ukraine. It is your responsibility to retain
your shipping records from your home to Portland for your tax records.

I have an item that I want to donate, who do I ask to verify it is allowed?
Feel free to email Megan if you have any questions about your donation.

Can we send "almost-new" items?
Only new or very gently used items should be sent. Please do not send items
with rips, holes, missing buttons, broken zippers, stains or spots. Providing
quality items to the orphanages we support will ensure a longer usage cycle
for each item.

I've got my package all ready to go, how do I go about shipping it?
Shipping instructions and payment information can be found here.

What language is spoken at the orphanage?

I sew and have some extra fabric, what can I make for the children?
Crib/bed sheets are expensive in Ukraine. Sewing some and donating them
would be a huge help. The sheet dimensions should be 47.25 x 47.25 inches,
(120 x 120 cm), and pillow covers should be 23.62 x 23.62 inches (60 x 60 cm).