On Your Upcoming Wedding


From Life2Orphans

Your contributions to our group have been

nothing short of amazing!


       Building improvements to numerous orphanages

       Medicine and supplies to Makiivka AIDS orphanage

       Several 1,000's in shipping money

       Washers, dryers, stoves, refrigerators, TVs, sewing machines

       Playgrounds and sports equipment


       Hygiene essentials

       Special parties for the children

       Cribs and medical equipment

       School supplies and backpacks

       Accounting and tax return preparation




In Your Honor

A Donation of $615

Has Been Made

For The Sevastopol Orphanages



We Wish You
The Greatest Happiness

Cara-Donne Dearinger
Diane Sitkowski
Dy'Anne Downing
Judy Sharkey
Kajira Bazaar
Kendra Proctor
Lynn Kolber
Marina Pravednikov
Megan Fordenbacher
Mindi Davis
Patie Wilcox
Phil and Laurie Schnabel
Shannon Lowry
Stacey Parker
Trish Petty