2004 Washable Diapers Project

Wet Bums and Hours Propped Up on the Pot

There is just not enough money to buy diapers so babies are propped up on pots after meals. The children spend hours in wet overalls.

There are simply no funds available to buy diapers - buying disposable diapers is an exercise in futility. The only viable option is to provide washable diapers.

Sasha, aged 4, adopted from Antoshka at age 26 months,
commented on the picture below:

"The baby is in my bed. The baby wants to go home. The baby
made pee-pee in his pajamas. We need to pick up the baby and
we need to send Daddy to fetch the baby. Sasha will change
the pajamas for the baby and put the baby on the potty.
The baby can sleep on my bed."

The orphanages are also in great need of washing detergent to keep the diapers clean. Lacking funds to purchase detergent, they must boil soap shavings to try and keep up with their tremendous wash load.

Help keep the children's diapers clean!

Special Price to Purchase Washable Diapers and Covers

For $304 you can buy 480 new diapers. This price INCLUDES shipping to Portland, where Life2Orphans ships out to Ukraine. It's a 60 lb parcel, so it would cost around $40 to then ship to Ukraine.

For $324 you can buy 108 new diaper covers through Estimated shipping to Portland is $30 and the cost of shipment on to Ukraine would be around $30.

So, for approximately $730 you can COMPLETELY outfit 40-60 children with diapers. The dipes and covers, in an orphanage setting, will last 2-3 years.

If you know of an organization, group or family that might be interested in doing this, email me at and I'll help you with the info.

Melanie Zoltan

Tips from Melanie on how to collect washable diapers:

Here's a link to diaper services in the U.S.:

If you're interested in getting diapers to send to the orphanages, contact a diaper service in your area and see if they'll donate their used diapers. What they'll probably have are Chinese Prefolds, the standard diaper that people in this country use as "burp rags". The orphanages need cloth diapers AND separate cloth diaper covers to use as a wrap, to make the dipes waterproof.

However, the ratio of cloth diapers needed to cloth diaper covers need is about 4:1 (4 dipes for every 1 cover), so of course the need for diapers is great.

There are generally 3 sizes of Chinese Prefolds, preemie, infant and toddler. If given a choice, we'd prefer preemie and infant--they're smaller, cheaper to ship, and given the kid's sizes and weights in the orphanage, they wouldn't need a toddler dipe. HOWEVER, if it's a choice between toddler dipes and no dipes, take the toddler ones. Anything is better than nothing.

Getting covers donated is altogether different. When you use a diaper service, generally, you buy your own covers and wash those yourself, the diaper service only washes the cloth diapers, so they don't own any covers to donate. Getting covers is something I've worked on from a business/corporate donation level."

Collect and Send Washable Diapers

Diapering Instructions

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