The "UP" side of Down Syndrome

Through our work as a humanitarian aid organization, we learn of many beautiful children who were born with Down syndrome. 

** Life2Orphans is not an adoption agency and we are not affiliated with any organizations who provide these services. 

Life2Orphans is beginning several outreach programs for children with Down syndrome.

1) Educating the orphanages and caregivers to use therapeutic teaching techniques

2)  Demonstrating the importance and positive value of allowing Down syndrome children to live, grow, and learn with other typical children at the facility

3) Investigating ways to avoid institutionalization at the age of 4, such as special needs internats.


When they age out of the baby houses at 4, they are sent to mental institutions such as Torez and others.  Life is hard in the baby houses, but it is even harder at Torez.   There are no education programs, and they have even less hope of being adopted once they are moved. 

Our work at Torez is critical and our needs are urgent!  Please visit our orphanage page to help!

For more information about Down syndrome, please feel free to contact the

National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) at

Also, search the web for Down Syndrome Support Organizations in your local area.


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