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Food For Thought

For the price of a combo meal at a fast food
restaurant, you can provide supplemental feedings
for a child for an entire month.


2 ways to help us feed the children!
(donated baby formula/food is not permitted!)

1) Sign up to feed a child/children automatically every month through Paypal

Feed A Child For $5.42/Month
Cost includes Paypal credit card processing fees

2)  Order Nestle Food in quantity below (by check or Paypal)

Shipped Directly To The Baby Houses

NOTE: All orders for these products are placed on a quarterly basis:
2/28, 5/31, 8/31 and 11/30.
Please plan your purchases accordingly.  All monies for food orders due 2 weeks ahead of order date.
Once the order is placed with Nestle, expect delivery within 6-8 weeks.

Nestle formula being enjoyed in Antoshka

Item Price Quantity Amount
Nestle Nestogen Baby Formula
(400g powder x 24 units)
Note: This amount of formula will provide 10 children with 2 supplemental feedings a day for a full month.
$53.00 $ --
Nestle Baby Juice/Multivitamin Nectar
(200ml x 72 units)
Note: This amount of juice will provide a 3/4 cup serving daily to 2-3 children for a full month.
$56.50 $ --
Nestle Baby Cereal (250g x 12 units)
Note: This amount of baby cereal will provide a little more than a 1/3 cup serving to one child for a full month.
$19.50 $ --
Clinutren Junior (400g) high nutrition liquid supplements
Note: In order to provide nutritional support to the severely malnourished children, at 200 ml per day, 3-4 cans per child/month is required. At this time Clinutren Junior is only available for the orphanages with at risk/special needs children (Antoshka, Green Forest Orphanage, Kharkiv Orphanage #1, Khmelnytsky, Kremenchuk and Torez).
$6.50 $ --
Total Amount $ --



Donate Money for Food

By Check

Mail to the following address:   
11876 NW Tyler Court
Portland, Oregon 97229

Insufficient Nutrition
On a recent visit to the Antoshka orphanage a Peace Corp volunteer estimated that the babies are receiving 50% of the minimum required daily nutrients, which means that they do not receive proper nutrition.

Low Weight
Children aged 2 years typically weigh between 14 and 16 pounds (as compared with 28 pounds at the 50th percentile). Babies are bald, with skinny legs and distended tummies associated with malnutrition.

This is common due to lack of vitamin D. No milk and not enough sunshine.

Not Enough Formula
The babies receive a minimal number of baby formula feeds a day and their diet is then supplemented with sugar water mix and mashed potato. Only babies under 4 months receive baby formula.

No Meat, Dairy Or Juice
The children are fed a staple diet of bread, potato, soup and tea. Children aged 7 years interviewed at the Roschitsa Orphanage had never seen ice cream or a banana.

Babies have been misdiagnosed due to lack of thriving.

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