Help An Orphan Project

The Help An Orphan Project is intended to encourage others to have a very personal impact on a child in one of the Life2Orphans orphanages. Individuals are invited to choose a single orphan or sibling group they wish to sponsor. After signing up to help a child, sponsors are asked to send the first care package within one month of agreeing to the sponsorship, along with a short letter and pictures. The timing of care packages following the first are up to the sponsor. However, we do ask that sponsors send at least two packages a year. These packages should contain things from the Standard Needs list. The short letter, which we will help you translate, and pictures that you send, will give your child that extra personal attention they need. Just think what a personal package and letter may do to a struggling child trying to figure out the world that has caused him so much pain.

In return, your orphan will write you a response. We will provide you with an update of your child and pictures of your child with the items you send.

For more information, please read the Terms of Sponsorship, review the Checklist, include items from the Standard Needs list in your packages, and peruse the Frequently Asked Questions.  We ask that you ship your packages through Life2Orphans. 
If you live outside of the USA please email us for mailing labels.

These Kids Need Sponsors!

Currently Life2Orphans sponsors "Help An Orphan" Projects at the following orphanages:

Children's Hope - 35 children (Fully Sponsored)
Mykolaivka Internat - 220 children (Sponsors Needed)
Torez Special Needs Orphanage - (Sponsors Needed)

Contact Information:
Help An Orphan at Children's Hope - Kelly
Help An Orphan at Mykolaivka Internat - Volunteer Needed
Help an Orphan at Torez Special Needs Orphanage - Volunteer Needed
Any other Help An Orphan question - Kelly

Please do NOT contact the Help an Orphan volunteers in Ukraine directly.

NOTE:  The Help-An-Orphan program was discontinued at Sevastopol Street Shelter and Sevastopol Orphanage #2.

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