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Mykolaivka Internat
Needs "Help an Orphan" Sponsors

Name Birth Date
Mikhailo Semenyuk 05-Aug-91
Artem Barashenkov 11-Aug-91
Oleksandr Garnaga 05-Dec-92
Valeri Svintsov 01-Sep-93
Oleksandr Berezovskii 20-Sep-93
Andrei Shuoparov 30-Sep-93
Igor Chebotaev 07-Jan-90
Sergiy Denisov 30-Jan-92
Oleksandr Kapranchikov 10-Jan-91
Mikoa Kholenko 02-Oct-89
Andrei Kornyeko 09-May-89
Maxim Lubovskii 22-Jun-88
Vitali Malishko 13-Nov-88
Igor Roslik 16-Aug-89
Sergiy Sadchenko 19-Jan-89
Stanislav Snezhkov 17-Dec-88
Ivan Terenchev 08-Jan-89
Name Birth Date
Sveta Galdetska 
Lena Barchukova 01-Jul-91
Oksana Gaydrikh 20-Aug-92
Maria Semenyuk 13-Sep-92
Anton Kononeko 02-Nov-90
Victoria Krivushina 03-Sep-89
Natalia Mukha 25-Dec-88
Gana Nepokritaya


Katerina Shatalova 03-Aug-90
Vera Tupota 25-Feb-90

MYKO Graduation Project Update, Feb 2006

We have so many sponsors to thank for participating in our special Myko Graduation Project!  We have experienced great response!  We are very pleased to report that Myko's twenty-four 9th Graders will each receive a very special package in June.  These packages will help each of them in their daily life as new adults.  

Each Graduate will receive:   Cooking ware, Cooking utensils, Dinnerware, Flatware, Oven mitts, Kitchen towels, Kitchen sponges, Dish brush, Bath towel & wash cloth, & a special letter of congratulations & encouragement 

Most of us cannot even begin to imagine living on our own at the mere age of 16 or 17 ... and yet for our Myko kids, this is a big reality.  These Graduate Packages will help provide them with the bare essentials that they will need on a daily basis! 

A Huge & Heartfelt Thank You to All!

The Help an Orphan Project is intended to encourage others to have a very personal impact on a child in an one of the Life2Orphans orphanages. Individuals are invited to choose to a single orphan or sibling group they wish to sponsor. After signing up to help a child, sponsors are asked to send the first care package, along with a short letter and pictures, to the orphan so that it is received within two months of the initial sign up. The timing of care packages following the first are up to the sponsor. However, we do ask that sponsors send at least two packages a year. These packages should contain things like toys, clothing, educational materials, hygiene items, etc.. The short letter, which we will help you translate, and pictures that you send will give your child that extra personal attention they need. Just think what a personal package and letter may do to a struggling child trying to figure out the world that has caused him so much pain.

In return, your orphan will write you a response. We will provide you with an update of your child and pictures of your child with the items you send.

We ask that you send your packages through Life2Orphans. Please go to the shipping information page to learn how to ship your items.
Note: If you live outside of the USA please email us for mailing labels.

Help An Orphan Successes - Fully Sponsored Orphanages:
Children's Hope
Sevastopol Orphanage #2

Contact Information:
Help An Orphan at Children's Hope - Kelly
Help An Orphan at Mykolaivka Internat - Marina
Help An Orphan at Sevastopol Orphanage #2 - Jenny
Any other Help An Orphan question - Kelly

Please do NOT contact the Help an Orphan volunteers in Ukraine directly.

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Children's Hope Orphanage #2 Sevastopol

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