Jon reports on the situation at this very needy orphanage.

Updated Wed, 9 February 2005

"The Internat is such a depressing place, and is located within a ring of coal-burning power-plants (which is why my sinuses seized up the moment I arrived). The smallest, tiniest thing will make a huge difference here. Money for fruit would be a big deal and it's not that expensive, but they lined up into the hallway and filed in one at a time for an orange and a banana yesterday. And when they tried to open the bananas from the wrong end, I just thought that was the way Ukrainians did it. Their evening meal consisted of some sort of broth with bread and a white-rice goo with a pink Kool-Aid chaser. I know they do the most with what they have here, but we could make it a lot easier (I just realized that might have sounded like pledge week on PBS). Sorry."

"This is a bad situation here. I tend to think in word-pictures, so imagine a very stagnant body of water. Nothing moving - just still and maybe stinky. If you suddenly toss a rock into it, the result is actually a little scary because it's so profound. If we can do anything for this place, and I know we've been working at it for several months, it will make a great difference."

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