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Thank you for your interest and for any help you may provide to the orphans of Ukraine.

This year we are working to provide clothes, shoes, toys, school supplies, and therapy equipment to 1,320 children ages 0-18 in Ukraine.  We are also hoping to raise the funds needed for shipping these items and for purchasing laundry and kitchen equipment for several of the 12 orphanages represented.  The children desperately need shoes and socks.  Because of the cold weather, the girls usually wear tights.  Coats and gloves are wonderful gifts as well! The smaller children need warm hats!!
*Clean out your closets, looking for gently worn children’s clothing, knit caps, socks, or coats.  Please wash them before shipping to the address below.
*Ask your elementary schools if they have unclaimed clothes left in their ‘lost-and-found’ closets
*Ask your church or civic groups to get involved

Below are links to webpages allowing you to make purchases and/or donations to the Christmas for Orphans 2004: Ukraine project.  Your donations are tax deductible when you ship to the Life2Orphans address below. 

This is the main website for adoptive parents and persons interested in helping the orphans in Ukraine.  Contains photo albums and more links.

You may make cash contributions to Life2Orphans by designating the email address:    life2orphans@bellsouth.net

This is an online general store in Ukraine where you may purchase food and other items to be delivered directly to the orphanages.

The older children at Mikolaivka are being trained in woodcarving and produce very beautiful and useful works of art.  They need tools. Have the items sent to the Life2Orphans address below.

This is a link to a Christmas wish-list.

Shop for Christmas Gifts at Igive.com – 

Shop for Christmas Gifts Amazon.com – 

Whenever you buy something using Amazon.com, going through this page will provide Life2Orphans with a percentage of your purchase, giving us funds for shipping and purchasing laundry and kitchen equipment.

Here are some tips for using the Amazon.com page:

Please make sure your cart is empty before you begin shopping for Life2Orphans items.  If there are already items in your cart, Life2Orphans will not be eligible for the commission on those items.

For ease of purchasing, please use the ‘Back’ button on the browser between placing items in your cart and selecting other items.

When purchasing items – all need to be purchased within 24 hours of the initial click on the item. That is the expiration time for the Life2Orphans link.

The more items you purchase through the Life2Orphans link, the higher the commission rate Life2Orphans will receive.

If at all possible, please use FedEx, UPS or DHL.

Shipping address:

Nazarene Ministry of Help
Victor Vityukov/Megan Fordenbacher
5805 SE Gladstone
Portland, Oregon 97206

For more information, please email Jon Brasher

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