Life2Orphans Medical Mission Trip

Life2Orphans recognizes a significant need for medical treatment, therapies, and education in the special needs orphanages of Ukraine, and has organized a medical mission for 2006.

Step 1 (COMPLETED, September 2006):

A team of 3 orthopedic nurses who work at Shriner's Hospital in Portland OR will travel to Ukraine to visit five special needs orphanages. Their goals are three-fold:

Visited - Boyarka, Green Forest baby home, Green Forest Internat, Karkiv Rybalko 1, Zhitomir baby home.

Step 2 (COMPLETED, March 2007):

Nurses return to the US and present their findings to L2O Board and to Shriner's Hospital. Nurses will make a PowerPoint presentation and inspirational DVD.

L2O will gather information about needs and send additional clinician/team to Ukraine and perform treatments and supply orthopedic assistance. The orthopedic assistance will include shipping feeding spoons, percussion cups, cleft palate bottles, etc. Physical therapist will present and teach at various orphanages and share information with Orphanage Directors and Doctors in Kahrkiv region. The information will be shared in a 2 day professional seminal held at Kharkiv Rybalko #1. The participating Directors and Doctors will train their medical staff. Clinician also visted Boyarka in Kyev.


Step 3:

Nurses will return to Ukraine and teach hands on daily care techniques to orphanage caregivers. The information will be shared in a 2-3 day workshop at Green Forest Baby Home. Techniques will include exercise, nutrition, percussion, stretching, basic care skills and promoting attachment. Nurses will then travel to Torez Institute and do a 2 day assessment of needs for future planning trips. Torez is an institute for the most handicapped children, ages 4 - 18. The institution has a high mortality rate and is in need of many services and supports. Possible one day assessment trip to Antoshka Orphanage. Scheduled for September, 2007

Our goal is to raise enough funds to pay for these teams to travel from Portland to Ukraine and back.  We also need to include funds to cover the cost of shipping any donated medical items.  The nursing teams have graciously volunteered their own funds to pay for housing and food during their stay.  Please help us in this critical mission and contribute today!

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