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Each month we take a different orphanage and focus on it to collaboratively raise $750 toward an urgent need.  We select the orphanages in the order that they were added to Life2Orphans unless an urgent need comes up that needs to be addressed, like Chinadievo last year in November.

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* How are projects selected?
* How much does the average monthly project cost?
* Is the money spent in the US and items shipped or is the money sent to someone in Ukraine?
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* When are the monthly projects announced?
* How do I participate?
Why is there 7 day deadline for contributing to a project?

For more information on the Project of the Month contact Elizabeth

This month's "Project of the Month"

Svalyava Baby Orphanage
The April 2006 project of the month is to
complete the laundry/boiler room project.

About the project…from the coordinator Mindi…

In September 2005 I had the great privilege of traveling once again to the Svalyava Baby Orphanage to adopt another beautiful West Ukrainian daughter, Ana. While there my husband and I were given the grand tour of the orphanage, which had just changed directors when we adopted our first daughter, Yeva, from the home in 2002.

The changes were incredible throughout all of the rooms, but the director took the most pride in the renovations he had made in the laundry/boiler room. There was now hot water available for cooking and heating the entire orphanage, and no longer were the children being bathed in ice cold water.

Imagine my surprise when Ana couldn’t wait to get in the bathtub at our flat! Her sister Yeva screamed for months when it was bath time, scared to death that she would be dunked again in freezing temperatures.

The greatest need of the orphanage at this time is to complete the laundry/boiler room project, to provide a clean and comfortable home for the children, and a pleasant place to work for the local caregivers. The director has already done so much good for all – it would be an honor to provide him the means to finish the amazing work he has started in this area.

It is with greatest appreciation that I thank you for your consideration of a contribution to this project.


Kharkiv #2  - Kuznezkay Street
The March 2006 project of the month is
for therapeutic play equipment.

Kharkiv #2 is home to 120 children ages from 0-4.  The orphanage is well run and does the best it can with what it has. They have been working on repairs of the orphanage. When asked about their most urgent need, the director immediately identified the need for therapeutic play equipment. Specifically ALMA equipment which is made in Khmelnytsky, Ukraine. ( see )  This will elminate shipping costs so all the donations will go towards the cost of the equipment. The long, cold winters make it difficult for the children to play outside. The need for such equipment to help their muscles develop is great. Many of our orphanages have this equipment.  Please consider helping with a donation to this project. No donation is too small. 

Alison C


Kharkiv #3 - Korchagintsiv St
The February 2006 project of the month is for purchasing laundry equipment.

Kharkiv Orphanage #3 - Korchagintsiv St. is a baby orphanage open since  2001. It has NEVER had laundry facilities.  They have a laundry building, but no equipment.  The orphanage staff hauls dirty laundry, by bus, to a laundromat in town.  As you know, the children do not wear diapers; so just imagine the magnitude of the problem.

Although people have wanted to help purchase laundry equipment, there was a title/ownership problem with the laundry building.   Thanks to a Swiss organization, Friends of Svieta, the Kharkiv oblast legislature passed the necessary bill resolving ownership of the laundry building.  They have also committed funds to refurbish the laundry building and will be completing that project in April.

Kharkiv--Slinko Street
The January 2006 project of the month is for purchasing a washing machine.

THE PROJECT - From Coordinator Julia W.
This month's special project is for Kharkiv, Slinko Street Orphanage - home to approximately 160 children between the ages of 2 and 17. The orphanage has specified a need for a washing machine.  The volume of clothes that needs to be washed for 160 children is astronomical.  If the director says that she needs a new washing machine, then there truly is a compelling need.  
Slinko is a very well-run orphanage.  The director is very organized and works very hard to create and maintain a clean and healthy environment for the kids in her care.  Because of efficient management and extra support from groups like Life2Orphans, Slinko has been able to provide for the basic needs of the children who live there.  Let's help support the children at the Slinko orphanage and lend support to an orphanage that really does put the kids first.

Sevastopol Shelter
The November 2005 project of the month is for replacing the floors.

The Sevastopol Street Shelter was established to provide a safe place for homeless children. They help to get these children processed through the legal system so that they can be placed into an orphanage instead of living on the streets. The Shelter receives stipends from the government to care for 15 children, often they have over 25 (could you turn away a child that is living on the streets?). The staff do an amazing job at making their budget stretch, but since it is a struggle just to get enough money to purchase food and basic necessity items, there is rarely any money available to make repairs. Of all the things that need to be repaired, the floors are the most critical right now. They are literally rotting away with mold and decay. We are earmarking the money raised by the Project of the Month to go towards repairing the floors and making the shelter a much more pleasant (and healthy) place to live. If you can donate towards this repair it would be greatly appreciated.

Tricia Campbell Sevastopol Street Shelter Coordinator

Green Forest Internat
The October 2005 project of the month is collecting money for beds.

The orphanage selected for October Project of the Month is new beds for Green Forest Internat. This orphanage is home to 152 children, ages 7-17.

The Director of the Orphanage has identified new beds as their most urgent need. Many of their beds are very old, very worn, and very uncomfortable, especially for children with scoliosis and other back problems.

Overview of Green Forest Internat and need provided by Natalie D, coordinator:

When you as a guest reach Village Visokiy outside Kharkiv, a bumpy road leads you for more than a mile past modest homes and izbas until you reach the gate of a large fence that encloses the grounds of Green Forest Internat. Even in winter some boys of middle school age will be waiting to swing open the wide metal gate leading in. They are laughing, waving and touching the car as they follow along, running. The first thing interpreted for you when your driver stops and you open the door is, "Where are you from?" "Are you here to adopt?" "Who are you coming to adopt?" "Who will you take with you?" It is not the last time you will answer these questions. All the children know why you're here! They all want to be adopted, but you'll never hear anyone beg. You must swallow very hard to keep smiling!

A metal sign fixed near the door tells the name of this boarding school, founded 81 years ago. The weighty double outside doors of the Administration Building are opened, and then a few steps beyond, there is another set of heavy double doors leading inside. In addition to the administrative offices, this building contains many of the classrooms for approximately 200 children, age 7 through 17! This and two other very long three-storied buildings just like it make up the whole world for children here. It's almost too much to bear, to concentrate on how many children have lived their childhood here...during the past 81 years! The staff manages to make Green Forest a good home, with what they have.

Our internat does not have ANY luxuries provided by endowments and gifts. After our twins, Laura and Julia, were adopted there in Dec. 2001, the Director told us that no other American had ever adopted there and nobody adopting from any other country had ever kept in touch or sent back help to them. Some had given gifts at the time of their adoption and, as the director said, “cut all ties.” He and our girls’ “mamas” asked us not to forget them after we came home. How could we!!!! We are thankful that through Life2Orphans we can show the children and young people of Green Forest that they do have friends in the world who care for them.

The director has told us that they need to replace many beds that are in seriously bad condition. He also said that bad mattresses are particularly hard on some young people who have scoliosis.

Now we ask for your help to provide as many new beds as our gift can buy. We are so grateful for ANY gift of ANY amount! L2O has reached many POM goals with $5 and $10 donations! Please help again!

Cathy D, 12 last May!!!! and Natalie, blessed Babushka, Co-coordinators of GFI


Xmas 2005 - All Orphanages
The September 2005 project of the month raised over $1500 to buy gifts for children. This year we are sending more than 6000 gifts to 42 orphanages.

The August 2005 project of the month helped pu
rchase laundry equipment.

The July 2005 project of the month was for Kirovograd Baby Orphanages. This month's project is to buy cribs for the babies. Together with a Rotary grant, this will help meet several needs of the orphanage.

Kiev Orphanage #12
Education and opportunity are currently the focus for this orphanage that has children classified as learning disabled. There are approximately 95 children ages 8 to 16 at Kiev Orphanage #12.

The June 2005 project of the month was to create a library that not only provided books, but also encouragement to the children to read. The library will include books in Russian, Ukrainian, and even English. $750 was raised by numerous contributors - thanks to all for the collaborative success.

Mykolaivka Internat
The May 2005 project of the month was for Mykolaivka Internat. Thank you once again to the group effort that raised the required money.

The April 2005 project of the month was for the Roschitsa orphanage in Kramatorsk. The Life2Orphans members contributed $750 to buy much needed laundry equipment.

The March 2005 project of the month was for Boyarka Baby Orphanage which is in great need of new cribs and beds.

The campaign was a complete success, with over $750 raised by multiple contributors. Thanks to everyone for their participation.

Clear the Warehouse
The February
2005 project of the month raised funds to ship the many general donations that came in over the Christmas period.

The group raised $1,100 towards this effort, enabling the majority of these packages to be mailed out.


The January 2005 project of the month collected the funds to buy an industrial dryer for Antoshka, and was a complete success.

This has made a dream come true. Imagine going out to hang about 1500 pounds of laundry a day in the mud and snow - the orphanage drying lines are outside and they have no funds to pave the area outside.

A thank you from Antoshka to Life2Orphans:
"Dear Friends,
We are very grateful to you for your sensitivity and your generosity, for your sensitivy towards the needs of the orphans. Your heartfelt help has made life for the children more bright, fulfilled and happy. The children were so happy, when they saw the new beautiful outfits, shoes, and interesting toys. With the help from the vitamins, they have made the children strong and healthy. We are grateful for the ice chest it has made it easier to transport blood analysis to the laboratories and for deliveries of immunizations for carrying out preventive care to the children. And the clothes dryer -- this has been a dream for the laundry workers, who with all their might work hard for the well being of the children. But, the most important is your warmth and your love, that warm their small little hearts, you have given the light of the moon and have open up great hope.
We wish for you, that the fire in your soul never burns out the warmth and peace that you share. May all the good deeds that you have done fill your home with luck and love.
Let Gods blessings be with you now and always.

The November 2004 project of the month took care of an emergency situation at the Chinadievo orphanage. The group was notified that a terrible storm hit Chinadievo, shattering all the windows in the orphanage and smashing the roof. The orphanage is home to 120 orphans aged 3 to 10 years. We successfully raised the $600 urgently needed to fix the damage. Thanks to the 14 donors who made this possible. As always the power of collaboration is evident.

The October
2004 project of the month raised $1500 to buy cribs for Lotikovo and repair the orphanage building. In addition, Forrest, the Lotikovo Co-ordinator, raised a further $200 for medicine - the most urgent need of the orphanage. Once again thank you to Stacey for running the monthly project and to the many contributors who made this possible. 

The September
2004 project of the month raised money to purchase an industrial sized dryer for the Nadvirna orphanage. They do not have a dryer and have to hang dry all of their clothing and linens for the 80 babies and children aged 0-5 that live in this orphanage. Nadvirna has been without a dryer for quite some time and now that winter is approaching they are in dire need of one. Their laundry room is not all that big and they will need to dry mountains of clothes and linens indoors. Thank you to all that contributed to make a difference at Nadvirna.

Chairs for the Mission School
2004 was our the back-to-school month and we bought 70 foldable chairs. Again thanks to the many individuals who made this possible - the power of collaboration is evident.

Children's Hope Laundry
2004 was our first monthly project. Thanks to Stacey who initiated and runs this project. We raised money to buy a much-needed washing machine and tumble dryer for the shelter in Kyiv and give the laundry room a facelift. Thanks to the many individuals who made this possible.

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How are projects selected?

Information is gathered as to the needs of the orphanages that L2O is currently assisting. The information is compiled and reviewed to evaluate what would be best for the next project. Input from all of the L2O members is also welcomed when selecting projects. In order to not bog down the projects with bureaucracy, the final decision will be made by the consensus of a few.

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How much does the average monthly project cost?

The Project of the Month can be anywhere from $500 to $1000 or more depending on the participation. We hope to get at least 20 participants in L2O for each project. Imagine what could be accomplished if 20 members each gave at least $25 toward a project!

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Is the money spent in the United States then items are shipped or is the money sent to someone in Ukraine?

The idea is to make the money “go” as far as possible. When shipping costs and time are taken into consideration, often it’s best to have the purchases made in Ukraine. When this is the case Megan Fordenbacher will arrange to have the money wired to the appropriate people. There are times when Megan or others may be able to negotiate a special price for a large purchase. If that is the case and it’s the most efficient agreed method, Megan or the designated person will make the purchase and have the items sent to Ukraine. The cost for shipping the items would be included the money that is raised for the project.

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Will I get to see pictures of how my project donation is being used?

Yes. Pictures will be taken to show the outcome of the project. Depending on the project, pictures may be taken throughout the project also. It is important to have a report back as to how you impacted the life of an orphan.

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When are the monthly projects announced?

The last week of each month the project for the upcoming month will be announced. Information will be provided explaining the background on the project and the impact that can be made by completing the project.

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How do I participate?

Once a project is announced, you will have 7 days to go online to the L2O website to make a PayPal or credit card donation. Once the PayPal is in place, the preference is for you to use PayPal since L2O will not be assessed a 2.5% transaction fee. When selecting where to designate your donation, you would select ‘Project of the Month’. We ask that you be willing to contribute at least $25 to participate in the project.

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Why is there 7 day deadline for contributing to a project?

The reason we need a response in 7 days is so we can budget and complete the project in a reasonable time frame. There are times when the ‘7 day’ deadline could be overlooked for additional donations if that’s what is best for making the project a success.