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Ukraine Adoption Helper

Kelly R. Conaty, MD

"My wife and I got involved in the adoption of Ukrainian orphans shortly after we hosted our first Ukrainian orphan, Anastasia in the summer of 2001 through a non-profit organization called Frontier Horizon. We were completely naive about the process, but quickly learned with the help of our facilitator and friend in Ukraine. We brought Anastasia home in November, 2001. Since then we have also adopted Alana in August 2002, and Snijana in April 2003.

Through my involvement with Frontier Horizon, we have become a resource for many of the families who have hosted Ukrainian orphans in their homes and who subsequently desire to adopt either those or other children. We help families with dossier preparation, we review dossiers for mistakes and completeness, and we give lots of advice and recommendations. Mostly my wife and I give encouragement to people who wish to adopt children from Ukraine.

We actively promote independent adoption from Ukraine. We like to help people adopt from Ukraine, especially older children. I do require a donation to "Life2Orphans" in return for my help. I am only interested in helping the orphans of Ukraine."

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RMH Children's Foundation

RMH Children's Foundation ministers to orphans and street children living in Moldova, Romania, Russia and Ukraine through direct relief efforts, humanitarian aid shipments, and adoption advocacy programs. As a 501(c)(3) organization, all contributions are tax deductible. For more information, please visit: http://www.nhffoundations.net/rmhchildren

Unpaid internships are available near Minneapolis, MN.

Here's a great opportunity to make a difference in the lives of orphans and street children. We are seeking motivated interns who are willing to work for school credit for a semester or longer. Primary job duties include conducting basic research about the plight of orphans and street children in Russia and Eastern European countries, writing and submitting news releases, writing and placing articles for publication, preparing grant proposals, and assisting with fundraising and program awareness campaigns. Experience and/or training in journalism, public relations, fundraising or grant writing is preferred. A compassionate heart is essential. Interns must be willing to work without pay, and be able to work independently as part of a virtual team. Please be prepared to provide a writing sample (e.g., news release, article, or grant application) during the personal interview.  Resumes should be emailed to Robin Chance, RMH Children's Foundation, at rmhchildren@aol.com. No phone calls please. Website: http://nhffoundations.net/rmhchildren


Humanitarian Club, Kyiv International School

The Kyiv International School serves students from 33 nations from the ages of 2 to 18. The Humanitarian Club was established in order to serve the needy in Ukraine. Last year 10 year old students with the help of a few teenagers were able to collect almost 2,000 bath articles for the local orphanages, carry out a food, clothing and toy drive, repair an orphanage washing machine and purchase a blackboard for an orphanage library. This year the club has grown, and through a grant from a fund plus other donations, an entire dental unit has been set up in one large orphanage and a new washing machine was purchased with donations from a New Zealand church group for a group out in Boyarka. The club has expanded to assist the street children and the homeless and one Hospice unit in Kyiv.

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