Pack a Care Parcel

The orphanages have to function on a budget of about $1 a day per child this is for food, heating, linen, clothes, diapers, laundry, medicine, toys, therapy equipment, caregivers, and so on, and so on (Ukraine is one of the poorest countries in Eastern Europe and the average salary in many of the regions is a mere $30 a month). The caretakers bring things from home to help the children.  Clearly the greatest challenge is to keep the kids clean, dry, warm and fed. This consumes all the time and energies of the staff. Yes, they care, but no, they have very little to do it with!


Grab a box, start collecting and send it off to the orphanage of your choice.


Donated items should be new, or clean and gently used. Items should not have rips, holes, missing buttons, broken zippers, stains or spots. Providing quality items to the orphanages we support will ensure a longer usage cycle for each item.


Every package helps!!!!


For more info on shipping options.



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