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Each month we take a different orphanage and focus on it to collaboratively raise $750 toward an urgent need.  We select the orphanages in the order that they were added to Life2Orphans unless an urgent need comes up that needs to be addressed, like Chinadievo in November 2004.

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For more information on the Project of the Month contact Leslie.

Current "Project of the Month"

Dear Group,

Izium Orphanage, located in the Kharkiv region of Ukraine, is home to approximately 55 children. The local sanitary commission in Izium has closed part of the orphanage due to bad conditions of the sewer system. They need approximately 5,000 Hrivna ($982) to repair the sewer system and reopen that part of the orphanage.

The July Project of the Month is dedicated to helping Izium Orphanage with repairs to this system. Please consider a donation to help this orphanage.

Donations can be sent by check or through PayPal. Send checks to:

July POM
11876 NW Tyler Court
Portland, Oregon 97229

Send your contributions by PayPal through the Life2Orphans website. Click on ways to donate and then the PayPal link.

***Remember to include on your check or PayPal payment that your donation is for the July POM.

***Please send me (Julie) a note to let me know how much money you are donating so that I can keep track of this month’s POM. You can do so by writing to

Thanks to all!

Previous "Project of the Months"

June, 2008

Dear Group,

As a reminder, we are trying to raise money for shipping out the many boxes piled sky high in our warehouse in Portland. We have earmarked 30 boxes that are filled with winter coats and vests in an effort to get these to Ukraine by winter. In addition to these 30 boxes, there are also 44 additional boxes of jackets and vests sitting in the warehouse. The remaining 56 boxes contain miscellaneous clothes and toys.

If desired, any of these boxes can be selected and sent to a specific orphanage. Please let us know where you would like your box sent.

We need a minimum of $900 to get the first 30 boxes out to Ukraine! Please consider donating! Being from Minnesota, where the winters are comparable to that of Ukraine, I know how frigid the winter can be. These jackets and vests are not luxuries!

Donations can be sent by check or through PayPal. Send checks to:


11876 NW Tyler Court
Portland, Oregon 97229 /p>

Send your contributions by PayPal through the Life2Orphans website. Click on ways to donate and then the PayPal link.

***Remember to include on your check or PayPal payment that your donation is for the June POM.

***Please send Julie a note to let her know how much you are donating to that she can keep track of this month’s POM. You can do so by writing to:



May, 2008

Dear Group,

This month, the Project of the Month is for Kharkiv Orphanage #1 Rybalko.  Kharkiv #1 is a baby house with approximately 120 children, aged newborn to four years.  The main focus of this orphanage is medical, as they have many special needs kids. 
If you look at the special needs list for the orphanage, almost all of the items requested are medical. 

The director of this orphanage, Roman, is also a physician and carpenter.  This is all very good, as he not only works on improving the medical condition of the children at the orphanage, but he also does improvements on the building!  He has been at the orphanage for 11 years and has been working on the building ever since, sometimes one door at a time because of limited finances.  Over time, they have added a therapy pool and are working on an indoor veranda to use as a year- round walking track for the toddlers.  This building, by the way, is 90 years old!

The purpose of this month’s Project of the Month is to raise money to help in the construction of a room for the cerebral palsy kids.  This room will be used to set up their specialized therapeutic equipment.  We are hoping to raise a minimum of $750 so the orphanage can at least get started.   

Donations can be sent by check or through PayPal. Send checks to:

11876 NW Tyler Court
Portland, Oregon 97229

***Remember to include on your check or PayPal payment that your donation is for the May Project of the Month.

***Please send Julie a note to let her know how much you are donating so that she can keep track of this month’s POM.  You can do so by writing to:

Thanks to all!

Torez Special Needs Orphanage - "Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies", April 2008, Goal: $1,200.00

Dear Group,

This month’s POM, "Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies" will help the 47 bedridden children at Torez Special Needs Orphanage in Torez. Because of the URGENT needs of these bedridden children, our goal is $1,200.00. Please help by donating any amount you can!

Stacie, the coordinator for the Sponsor a Bedridden Orphan Project, stated that there is an urgent need for food and stimulating activities/ toys/books/physical therapy equipment, etc. She would ideally like every child to have a tray table, a support for sitting up if needed, and stimulating activities to do in bed, in addition to increasing the number of physical therapy hours available.

These children suffer from a wide range of conditions such as down syndrome, cerebral palsy, arthrygryposis, spina bifida, etc. The children have a range of physical and mental capabilities. According to Stacie, they are “dangerously malnourished and withering away from lack of food and activity”.

Renia, the coordinator of the orphanage, is very concerned for these kids. As she stated, "The photos from the nurses’ trip last year sent me reeling. I was shocked out of my warm cocoon of reality...nothing could have prepared me for the sight of the hollow eyes, twisted legs and feet, thin bodies, empty gazes, and lack of hope.”

Any amount you can give to this project would be so appreciated so that we can help these children. Donations can be sent by check or through PayPal. Send checks to:

April Project of the Month
11876 NW Tyler Court
Portland, Oregon 97229

Send your contribution by PayPal through the Life2Orphans website. Click on ways to donate and then the PayPal link.

***Remember to include on your check or PayPal payment that your donation is for the April POM.

***Please send Lorna or Julie a note to let them know how much you are donating so that they can keep track of this month’s POM. You can do so by writing to: OR

Thanks to all!!!

Bolgrad Deaf Orphanage - PROJECT OF THE MONTH - February 2008 (Goal: $750.00) - $925.81 raised

Dear Group, This month we are trying to raise a minimum of $750 to help buy new beds for the children of the Bolgrad Deaf Orphanage. Bolgrad is in the very southwester corner of Ukraine, near Moldova, Romania, and the Black Sea. It is home to 70 children ages 5-17 years. It also serves as a regional deaf school. It is a poor orphanage, and few children here are adopted. The orphanage director only receives $50 per month to run the orphanage and the school. The beds they currently had are old and the mattresses are very poor.

Please read this note from Wendy, the orphanage coordinator:

When we went to Bolgrad in 2005 to adopt our older daughter, hers was the first adoption from the orphanage. When we first met our daughter, we sat on her bed in a room where 20 children sleep. The matress and springs were so bad that we sank straight to the floor. As you can imagine, many of the children have back problems as a result of sleeping on such worn out beds. I began the task of trying to replace all the childrens beds with new ones. I have had garage sales, fundraisers and taken speaking engagements to raise the money needed to purchase the beds which cost $72 per bed. I have been working on this project for almost 2 years and have been able to buy 60 new beds. The Project of the Month funds would allow the remaining children to have a new comfortable bed and hopefully, end their back problems. When we get pictures of the children, it is amazing to see the smiles on their faces from the little bit of he lp we have been able to give them!

There are at least 10 children at Bolgrad that still do not have a new bed. A successful project of the month would give all these children a comfortable bed on which to lay their head each night. These children really need our help. Attached are pictures of the beautiful children. The last 2 pictures are of the children with the new beds that have been purchased already. Just look at the happy smiles! We can have the whole orphanage smiling and having sweeter dreams with your help!

Any amount you can givve to this project would be so appreciated. A donation of $10, $15 or $20 can go a long way to helping us reach our goal.

Donations can be sent by check or thru PayPal Send checks to:

February Project of the Month
11876 NW Tyler Court
Portland, Oregon 97229

LYUBOTIN  INTERNAT - PROJECT OF THE MONTH - January 2008 (Goal: $750.00) - $934.35 raised

Dear Group,

This month, we are trying to raise of minimum of $750 to help buy winter shoes for the kids at Lyubotin Internat.  Lyubotin is home to approximately 200 children,  6-18 years of age.

Please read the following note from Kimberly who is coordinator for the internat:

In the past, the Ukrainian government has given the internat a staple each year to buy winter shoes for the children.  This winter, however, it was announced that the staple would only be given every OTHER year.  Basically, this equates to many of the children having NO winter shoes, as many of the younger children are still growing and cannot wear the same shoes for two years in a row.  

As of this writing, the weather forecast for Lyubotin is bleak - highs not exceeding the 20’s and lows in the single digits to teens! I can’t imagine tiny little feet without proper cover in these frigid temperatures.

Any amount you can give to this project would be so appreciated.  A donation of just $5, $10 or $20 goes a long way in helping us reach our goal!

Donations can be sent by check or through PayPal.  Send checks to:
        January Project of the Month
11876 NW Tyler Court
Portland, Oregon 97229

Send your contribution by PayPal through the Life2Orphans website.  Click on ways to donate and then the PayPal link.

***Remember to include on your check or PayPal payment that your donation is for the January POM.

***Please send Lorna or Julie a note to let them know how much you are donating so that they can keep track of this month’s POM.

Write to:  Lorna OR Julie

Thanks to all!!!

Khmelnytsky Baby Home - PROJECT OF THE MONTH November 2007 (Goal: $750.00) - $1770.53 raised

Dear Group,

This month we are trying to raise a minimum of $750 to help the Khmelnytsky Baby home buy new windows and doors. The ones they have now are old and in very bad shape. This baby home has 94 babies up to 4 years old. Winter is quickly coming and they need our help to keep all the babies warm.

Please read the following note from Kendra, one of the coordinators for the baby home:

The Khmelnitskyi Baby House is the November POM. We are trying to raise $750+ for new doors and windows to keep the cold Ukrainian winter wind out and the children warm inside. The doors and windows in the children's groupas are broken and need to be replaced.

My husband and I adopted from the Khmelnitsky Baby House in October 2000. There are 100 children ages 0 - 4. The orphanage is very poor and has very little support. The caregivers were very caring and loving. I am still in contact with them and send them pictures. They send my daughter cards and letters.

There was no heat and no hot water. It was very cold and drafty everywhere in the orphanage, even in the groupas. We were not even there in winter time. I am sure the windows would be frozen over in winter. The children were bundled in 4 or 5 layers of clothes to help keep them warm.

The new windows and doors will make a huge difference in the areas where the children are. I don't think any amount of clothes or a heater even could make it warm with all of the heat escaping out bad windows and doors. When I think of the orphanage, I automatically think of how cold I always was when I was there. We had to take our daughter to a room away from the group to play with her. It was absolutely freezing in that room.

So please help out the Khmelnitskyi orphanage in the November POM this month any way you can so these babies and young children will be warm this winter...


Kendra Proctor
Khmelnitskyi CoCoordinator

Please send either a check or you can donate through Paypal. Donate by either:

Send a check to : Life 2 Orphans November Project of the Month
11876 NW Tyler Court
Portland, Oregon 97229


Send your contribution by PayPal accessible through the Life2Orphans website
Click on ways to donate and then the paypal link.
***Please remember to include on your check or PayPal payment that your donation is for November POM"
****Please send Leslie or Judy a note and let us know how much you are donating so that we can keep track of this months POM!!
Write to: Thanks to all!


CHERKASSY BABY HOUSE - PROJECT OF THE MONTH October 2007 (Goal: $750.00) - $1034.18 raised

Dear Group,

This month we are trying to raise a minimum of $750 to benefit the Cherkassy baby House. Cherkassy is home to 155 little ones from newborn to 4 years old. Lots of adorable babies!

There are some children and babies that have respiratory diseases and are in need of special breathing therapy equipment, which also require special electrical cords. The baby house needs twelve of these machines. The therapy room is also in need of some renovation work. The ceiing has some damage and the whole room needs to be painted. Of course, the most important thing here is to get the breathing equipment to help the babies that are in desperate need for it.

This is such an important pom...please help! If you can donate $5, $10 or $20 to help Cherkassy Baby House it would be such a help to them. Please donate today!!!

Please send either a check or you can donate through Paypal. Donate by either:

Send a check to :

Life 2 Orphans
C/O Megan Fordenbacher
October Project of the Month
11876 NW Tyler Court
Portland, OR 97229
Send your contribution by PayPal accessible through the Life2Orphans website Click on ways to donate and then the paypal link.

***Please remember to include on your check or PayPal payment that your donation is for October POM"

****Please send Leslie or Judy a note and let us know how much you are donating so that we can keep track of this months POM!!

Write to:

Thanks to all who help....


CHRISTMAS Project - PROJECT OF THE MONTH September 2007 - $2995.33 raised, 2007

Dear Group,

Close your eyes and smell the gingerbread cookies baking in the oven. The fresh cut Christmas tree is standing in the living room waiting to be decorated. Listen to the tinkling sound of the sleigh bells and the carolers singing on the street. Guess what time it is?

We cordially invite all 500 members to help us help the children of Ukraine celebrate Christmas this year! Our goal is to help Santa and Father Frost deliver thousands of toys to the thousands of children who all have been soooo good this year! We need the help of every single member this year to make this happen. So, we ask all of you to put on your elf hats, start humming some Christams tunes and donate to this all imporatnt POM!!!
Just about every project of the month we have between 20 to 30 donors...we have
almost 500 members (that is less than ten percent that donate)
We are striving to get more members involved with our project of the month. If you have been thinking of donating..please start now. The Christmas POM is the superbowl of pom' is really BIG!! We need to raise a lot of money to ship the thousands of gifts we want to give to the kids.
Please send either a check or you can donate through Paypal. Donate by either:

Send a check to : Life 2 Orphans

C/O Megan Fordenbacher

September Project of the Month

11876 NW Tyler Court
Portland, Oregon 97229


Send your contribution by PayPal accessible through the Life2Orphans website

Click on ways to donate and then the paypal link.

***Please remember to include on your check or PayPal payment that your donation is for September  POM"

****Please send Leslie  a note and let us know how much you are donating so that we can keep track of this months POM!!  

 Write to:

Thanks to all who help....


Berdyansk Childrens Home - Floor Repairs, August 2007 (Goal: $1,200.00) - $1,975.38 raised.

This month I am so pleased to announce that we will be raising money to benefit the children at Berdyansk Childrens Home. Berdyansk is home to over 300 children ! The age range is from little 3 year olds all the way up to 17 year olds. This is quite a large home to sooo many children!

They need our help to raise enough money to get new linoleum flooring on the third floor where the children all sleep. What they have now is a diseaster. The floors are old, dirty and full of either patches or places where the linoleum is just missing and ripped. It is truly a sore sight and extremely dangerous for little feet to be tripping on, aside from being unsanitary.

We have an estimate of $1,200 that is needed to replace the flooring. We would really like to raise this amount to cover these expenses. This is definately not a luxury item that they is just some new linoleum flloors so the children will be safe walking across it.

Any amount that you are able to help us with would be so appreciated! A donation of just $5, $10 or $20 goes a long way to help us reach our goal.

Gorlovka Internat - Improvements & Repairs, July 2007 (Goal: $750.00) - $1,635.69 raised to date.

When Gorlovka Internat was first assessed it was said to be unfit for any human to live there. It was in terrible physical repair, in a region difficult to get to and had had only one adoption in eight years.

Since then they have had a least two different directors and improvements have begun. They are getting showers and working on getting toilets. They currently have squatters without any partitions in between the holes.

The first floor windows are sealed shut permanently from when the building was used during WWII. Obviously horrible ventilation.

Gorlovka Internat recently received washing machines, prior to that the children washed the clothes by hand. We would like to purchase dryers and if there is money left over, games and ping pong table(s).

Communication with this internat is difficult because of the remoteness and lack of internet service.

The Gorlovka Internat is the home to around 400 older children, ages 7 to 17. I have seen pictures of the children....BEAUTIFUL children, with MANY sibling groups. Few of the children are registered because adoptions are rare.

I hope we can raise the full $750.00.

Thank you,

Katrina Richardson

Sumy Preschool - Washroom Upgrade & Repairs - $2,285.66 Raised!, June 2007

Dear Friends:

Sumy Preschool is home to 70+ children between 3.0 and 6.11 years of age. In March of 2005, when we first visited Sumy -- an eastern Ukrainian city near the Russian border -- we were a bit shocked by the depressing atmosphere and dreariness of the place and the season. It was cold, wet, and gray and we came away with the impression “Sumy rhymes with gloomy.” During our second visit in May, the trees were green, the sun was out, and we had gotten over our initial “culture shock Ukraine.” We made Sumy our home for three weeks while we visited our future children at the Sumy Preschool every day. During that time we got to know the caregivers and many of the lovable and beautiful children. Two of those kids we were able to take home, the rest remained in the detsky dom.

Let's brighten the day of these orphans by making a real difference in their lives. The bathroom facilities are in urgent need of repair and upgrades. The attached pictures say more than a thousand words. For those of you on “digest” who do not get attachments, let me put it this way: few of us would feel comfortable using these facilities. For these young kids -- who have so little and yet are full of life and laughter -- working sinks, showers, and toilets are essential for their health, hygiene, and “creature comfort” (anyone who has lived or traveled extensively in non-Western countries can relate…).

We are looking to raise $1,000 for this Project of the Month. Thanks to a generous start-up donation of $300, we now only need to raise $700 for the Sumy Preschool. Please go to now and chip in. Together we can do this!

Thank you in advance in the name of the many beautiful children who call this orphanage home.

Martin Luthke, co-coordinator for Sumy Preschool

Sumy Internat - Developmental books, toys & games - $746.04 Raised!, May 2007

Educational toys combine fun and learning by stimulating creativity and imagination, expanding the mind through exploration and discovery, promoting critical thinking and problem solving, improving dexterity, and providing practice in basic skills. They are designed to challenge, motivate, and reward while helping to build self-esteem and confidence to master new tasks. Educational toys that are targeted to specific skills corresponding to particular age groups are called developmental toys.

Nestle Food Drive - $1579.01 raised!, April, 2007

For the April Project of the Month we would like to SUPPLEMENT the food totals that we currently have to be able to send more food and formula to more of our orphanages that participate in the Nestle program.

For the price of a combo meal at a fast food restaurant, you can provide supplemental feedings for a child for an entire month.

Things to consider.

  • Low Weight
    Children aged 2 years typically weigh between 14 and 16 pounds (as compared with 28 pounds at the 50th percentile). Babies are bald, with skinny legs and distended tummies associated with malnutrition.
  • Rickets
    This is common due to lack of vitamin D. No milk and not enough sunshine.
  • Not Enough Formula
    The babies receive a minimal number of baby formula feeds a day and their diet is then supplemented with sugar water mix and mashed potato. Only babies under 4 months receive baby formula.
  • No Meat, Dairy Or Juice
    The children are fed a staple diet of bread, potato, soup and tea. Children aged 7 years interviewed at the Roschitsa Orphanage had never seen ice cream or a banana.
  • Misdiagnosed
    Babies have been misdiagnosed due to lack of thriving.

Administration Expenses - $1078.20 raised!, March, 2007

The March POM is a special drive for Life2Orphans Administration Expenses. Of course, this is not as heartwarming of a donation as most of our POM projects, but in some ways has the greatest significance on our ability to help the children.

It is a fact that it cost money to keep L2O operating. It is impossible to run a successful nonprofit without spending money on administration. And the more programs and projects we undertake, the more expensive it becomes.

In 2006, it became necessary for L2O to hire its first employee to manage the Administrative duties associated with operating Life2Orphans. Supporters may not realize the extent of record keeping, filing, receipting, banking, scanning, reconciling, translating and data retention required to meet the requirements necessary to maintain non profit status and to comply with all legal requirements. It was evident early last year that are 100% volunteer team could not keep up with these demands and sustain our current level of Aid.

The salary and tax burden for our Administrative assistance is the largest portion of our Administration expenses, but we also have these other expenses to consider:

Accounting and Tax services
  • Office Rental and phone services
  • Website, News blog, and online storage fees
  • Office supplies
  • Expenses related to securing our own Non Profit status
  • Wire fees
  • The receiving and the shipping portion of our organization requires us to pay for some warehouse support and floor space.
Unfortunately, the 5% deduction L2O takes from each donation does not come close to covering these expenses. Realistically, the 5% barely covers the wire expenses. L2O gets limited donations that are designated for Administration.

We cannot continue this same level of administration unless we secure additional funding that can be used to offset our Administration cost. The leadership team would like to secure donations designated for Administration so we can maintain the low 5% administration fee on donations.

This POM is an important first step in achieving this goal.

Sevastopol Orphanage #1 - $1835.57 raised!, February, 2007

Greetings All

I have been the coordinator for Sevastopol Orphanage #1 for 2 years and I am so delighted that we have finally come up for the Project of the Month!

Sevastopol Orphanage #1 is home to 65 children ranging in age from 6 to 17. They are fortunate to have a dedicated director and staff at this orphanage. For the most part, these children transferred from the Sevastopol baby orphanage. The children will remain there until adulthood. The Sevastopol Orphanage #1 will likely be their only home.

There have been very few adoptions from Sevastopol Orphanage #1 – only 2 in the last 2 years that I am aware of. No adoptions mean that no additional funds flow into this orphanage – it is one of the poorest orphanages that L2O sponsors. The director is very thrifty in handling the sparse funds appropriated the them from the Ukraine government Even so, she is barely able to provide for the basic needs of these worthy children.

Currently much of the furniture at the orphanage is over 30 years old, well worn and battered. Please open your hearts and wallets to these special children. Help make their home a little brighter, more comfortable too.

Kind regards to all,

Patie Wilcox
Coordinator for Sevastopol Orphanage #1

Sevastopol Internat #1 - $3118.01 raised!
The January 2007 project of the month is for Sevastopol Internat #1. This Internat is home to 41 children that range in age from 8 until 18.

This truly is their home as there have never been adoptions at this orphanage. These children are in dire need of furniture. The majority of their furniture is held together with little more than tape and a prayer. In particular, they desperately need new beds. What they have now for all these kids to sleep on would make anyone yearn for a comfortable place to lay your head at the end of the day. The beds now consist of very flimsy springs which offer no support whatsoever. Then there is a very thin "mattress" on top of that. The frame holding the bed is also very flimsy and is prone to breaking often. Can you imagine having to sleep eight hours on that contraption every night? Ouch! I know that if we all pool our money by making a small donation of at least 5 or 10 dollars, we can get many new beds to these deserving kids.

We have an anonymous donor who will match , dollar for dollar, the donations up to $750.00 to allow every child at Sevastopol Internat to get a new bed!!!!!

This is a once in a lifetime chance to get every child a brand new bed!


Dnepropetrovesk Baby House - $952.30 raised!
The November 2006 project of the month is for Dnepropetrovesk Baby House. We are so lucky to have Christine Law as the new co-ordinator for this baby house! Thanks Christine!!

This orphanage is home to 180 babies and toddlers from infants to four years old. Yes, you read correctly…180!! Wow, that is a lot of little ones toddlin’ around. The baby house is in dire need of furniture. They need tables and chairs, a storage unit for toys, a large dresser for all the baby clothing and a storage unit for all the linens. With 180 children, I can only imagine the organization that is needed to keep track of everything.

Can you imagine all the towels and crib sheets that all must be washed and stored? I am sure it is a daunting task to wash and fold 180 sheets and 180 towels. I am exhausted just thinking of it!! Then there are all of those toys that need to be picked up and put someplace. And all the babies need a place to sit and have their meals.

Let’s give them some durable chairs and tables.

Christmas for the Orphans

The October 2006 project of the month is Christmas for the Orphans!

Guess what time it is? I will give you a few hints. First, do you hear sleigh bells ringing? Second, ho, ho, ho… who is that up on my roof? Third, thousands of children with smiling faces on Christmas morning as they open lots and lots of gifts!!! Give up?? That’s right!!! It is time for this month’s Project of the Month!!! And it is time to put on your Santa hats and help!!

We would like all our members to join us and help celebrate Christmas with all of our beautiful kids in the orphanages. This month we have many boxes that are filled to the brim with wonderful toys and gifts for the kids who don’t have sponsors or anyone to remember them on this special day. These boxes are just waiting to be shipped and only need donated funds to get them out the door. (Please check out our website under Donation Shipping Process and "Boxes Available")

In addition, we hope to raise $750.00 to fill even more Christmas boxes to send to some of the larger Internats. These boxes will be filled with exciting and fun things like puzzles, games, arts and crafts, and sports equipment like soccer balls and basketballs, so that all of the children will be able to enjoy these gifts. We will also use the funds you send us to help pay for the shipping costs incurred to send the boxes (that Rudolph sure eats a lot of carrots!).

Also, don’t forget to check out the “Wishing on an Angel” link on the website. There you will be able to purchase individual and group toys for the kids directly! We have so many wonderful members and I have no doubt that if each member donates just $5.00 or $10.00, we should be able to reach our goal! Think of the JOY you will bring to the heart and life of a child on Christmas morning when they open these gifts and more importantly, they will know that someone does care about them! We need to get this done quickly as it takes a long time to get there. So don’t delay!!

Yalta Baby Orphanage - $935.69 raised and counting!
The September 2006 project of the month is to make facility and playground repairs.

About the project…from the coordinator Robin…

Nestled in the city of Yalta lays a small, aging orphanage. This facility is home to around 55 children, ranging in age from newborn to age seven. The building they live in, their home, is in dangerous disrepair.

The Yalta orphanage is over 100 years old. Many windows are cracked and separating from their walls and trim. The playground is a disappointing and dangerous place for the young orphans to play: the equipment is old, with nails and splinters poking up everywhere. The children, due to limited space issues, must play and sleep among chipping paint.

Perhaps the most dangerous feature of the old building, though, is a less obvious one: the potential for - and subtle consequences of - lead poisoning.

Lead poisoning can have very serious effects on children’s brains and nervous systems. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency notes that high levels of lead in the body can cause children to have slowed growth, hearing problems, and learning or behavioral problems. High levels of lead can be found in a number of different sources, many of which present themselves at the Yalta orphanage. Everything from lead-based paint chips to the run-down toys with which the children play can have dangerous amounts of lead.

We want to raise $750 to help this struggling orphanage. Proceeds will be used to make facility and playground repairs.

No August 2006 project of the month - due to summer!

Makiivak AIDS Bike Ride - $2555.21 raised!

The July 2006 project of the month is in conjunction with John's bicycle ride to raise money for Makiivka AIDS orphanage.

John Robinson is cycling through Europe, as a way to draw awareness to the abundance of orphans who could use a helping hand. His planned path begins in Lviv, near Ukraine's western border, and from there he'll go to Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, and England. He's inviting anyone with the slightest interest in this trip to pledge a flat amount of $10, $25, $50, $100, or whatever amount you feel moved to, and in return you can be a part of this adventure and help the many children who need it greatly! All pledges will help the Makiivka AIDS orphanage.

Green Forest
Orphanage - $1091.76 raised!

The June 2006 project of the month is to repair the veranda.

About the project... from the coordinator

Green Forest Orphanage (GFO) has 112 children between the ages of 0 to 7 years of age. 18 babies with AIDS live here. The orphanage also houses children with crossed eyes, cleft palate, cerebral palsy and Down syndrome. Director Aleksandrovich dreams of help. He wants to repair a veranda that can be used by the children and staff for shade and shelter during their outdoor play. He needs to purchase concrete for the floor and other materials to create the roof. It will be functional, very beautiful and cost around $1,700.
I have started fund raising (collected $400) and would greatly appreciate any help.
Unfortunately Director Aleksandrovich asked George not to take a photo of the veranda. It is a mess (broken concrete) and the director seemed to be embarrassed. It is a safety hazard for children and staff at this point.
George was very impressed with the Director. The director does what he can and doesn’t complaint. But he does dream and hope.

Project Empty Orphanage - $1400 raised!
The May 2006 project of the month is for Project Empty Orphanage.

About the project…from the coordinator Jim…

Help a Child Find a FAMILY !

Many in our group who have traveled to Ukraine and interacted with orphans are touched by the plight of these wonderful children. A big problem is that many of them are missing the paperwork necessary to make them available to be adopted by forever families. There are many groups, including Life2Orphans, that provide much needed aid to these children but what they really need are families. Project Empty Orphanage is the only program that we know of that identifies orphans who are missing paperwork, fixes the problems, and gets these children registered for adoption. Project Empty Orphanage is unique even within Life2Orphans in that it doesn't work with particular orphanages, and because of the nature of the project, we cannot release information on the success of the project because of the adoption pre-selection laws in Ukraine, doing so would jeopardize the project. Please check out the website at and read more about this wonderful and life-changing project. It only takes $60 to take care of the paperwork problems for each child we can identify and reach. We urge you to reach out and support this project not just during its Project of the Month time but in the future as well. Donations of ALL sizes are welcome.

Svalyava Baby Orphanage - $1,931.92 raised!

The April 2006 project of the month is to complete the laundry/boiler room project.

About the project…from the coordinator Mindi…

In September 2005 I had the great privilege of traveling once again to the Svalyava Baby Orphanage to adopt another beautiful West Ukrainian daughter, Ana. While there my husband and I were given the grand tour of the orphanage, which had just changed directors when we adopted our first daughter, Yeva, from the home in 2002.

The changes were incredible throughout all of the rooms, but the director took the most pride in the renovations he had made in the laundry/boiler room. There was now hot water available for cooking and heating the entire orphanage, and no longer were the children being bathed in ice cold water.

Imagine my surprise when Ana couldn’t wait to get in the bathtub at our flat! Her sister Yeva screamed for months when it was bath time, scared to death that she would be dunked again in freezing temperatures.

The greatest need of the orphanage at this time is to complete the laundry/boiler room project, to provide a clean and comfortable home for the children, and a pleasant place to work for the local caregivers. The director has already done so much good for all – it would be an honor to provide him the means to finish the amazing work he has started in this area.

It is with greatest appreciation that I thank you for your consideration of a contribution to this project.


Kharkiv Orphanage #2 Kuznezkay Street  - $757.21 raised!
The March 2006 project of the month is for therapeutic play equipment.

Kharkiv #2 is home to 120 children ages from 0-4.  The orphanage is well run and does the best it can with what it has. They have been working on repairs of the orphanage. When asked about their most urgent need, the director immediately identified the need for therapeutic play equipment. Specifically ALMA equipment which is made in Khmelnytsky, Ukraine. ( see )  This will elminate shipping costs so all the donations will go towards the cost of the equipment. The long, cold winters make it difficult for the children to play outside. The need for such equipment to help their muscles develop is great. Many of our orphanages have this equipment.  Please consider helping with a donation to this project. No donation is too small.  

Alison C


Kharkiv Orphanage #3 Korchagintsiv Street  - $7,069.02 raised!
The February 2006 project of the month is for purchasing laundry equipment.

Kharkiv Orphanage #3 - Korchagintsiv St. is a baby orphanage open since  2001. It has NEVER had laundry facilities.  They have a laundry building, but no equipment.  The orphanage staff hauls dirty laundry, by bus, to a laundromat in town.  As you know, the children do not wear diapers; so just imagine the magnitude of the problem.

Although people have wanted to help purchase laundry equipment, there was a title/ownership problem with the laundry building.   Thanks to a Swiss organization, Friends of Svieta, the Kharkiv oblast legislature passed the necessary bill resolving ownership of the laundry building.  They have also committed funds to refurbish the laundry building and will be completing that project in April.

Kharkiv Slinko Street  - $895.15 raised!
The January 2006 project of the month is for purchasing a washing machine.
THE PROJECT - From Coordinator Julia W.
This month's special project is for Kharkiv Slinko Street Orphanage - home to approximately 160 children between the ages of 2 and 17. The orphanage has specified a need for a washing machine.  The volume of clothes that needs to be washed for 160 children is astronomical.  If the director says that she needs a new washing machine, then there truly is a compelling need. 
Slinko is a very well-run orphanage.  The director is very organized and works very hard to create and maintain a clean and healthy environment for the kids in her care.  Because of efficient management and extra support from groups like Life2Orphans, Slinko has been able to provide for the basic needs of the children who live there.  Let's help support the children at the Slinko orphanage and lend support to an orphanage that really does put the kids first.

No December 2005 project of the month - please donate to Project Empty Orphanage instead!

Sevastopol Shelter  - $1,444.16 raised!
The November 2005 project of the month is for replacing the floors.

The Sevastopol Street Shelter was established to provide a safe place for homeless children. They help to get these children processed through the legal system so that they can be placed into an orphanage instead of living on the streets. The Shelter receives stipends from the government to care for 15 children, often they have over 25 (could you turn away a child that is living on the streets?). The staff do an amazing job at making their budget stretch, but since it is a struggle just to get enough money to purchase food and basic necessity items, there is rarely any money available to make repairs. Of all the things that need to be repaired, the floors are the most critical right now. They are literally rotting away with mold and decay. We are earmarking the money raised by the Project of the Month to go towards repairing the floors and making the shelter a much more pleasant (and healthy) place to live. If you can donate towards this repair it would be greatly appreciated.

Tricia Campbell - Sevastopol Street Shelter Coordinator

Green Forest Internat  - $807.44 raised!
The October 2005 project of the month is collecting money for beds.

The orphanage selected for October Project of the Month is new beds for Green Forest Internat. This orphanage is home to 152 children, ages 7-17.

The Director of the Orphanage has identified new beds as their most urgent need. Many of their beds are very old, very worn, and very uncomfortable, especially for children with scoliosis and other back problems.

Overview of Green Forest Internat and need provided by Natalie, coordinator:

When you as a guest reach Village Visokiy outside Kharkiv, a bumpy road leads you for more than a mile past modest homes and izbas until you reach the gate of a large fence that encloses the grounds of Green Forest Internat. Even in winter some boys of middle school age will be waiting to swing open the wide metal gate leading in. They are laughing, waving and touching the car as they follow along, running. The first thing interpreted for you when your driver stops and you open the door is, "Where are you from?" "Are you here to adopt?" "Who are you coming to adopt?" "Who will you take with you?" It is not the last time you will answer these questions. All the children know why you're here! They all want to be adopted, but you'll never hear anyone beg. You must swallow very hard to keep smiling!

A metal sign fixed near the door tells the name of this boarding school, founded 81 years ago. The weighty double outside doors of the Administration Building are opened, and then a few steps beyond, there is another set of heavy double doors leading inside. In addition to the administrative offices, this building contains many of the classrooms for approximately 200 children, age 7 through 17! This and two other very long three-storied buildings just like it make up the whole world for children here. It's almost too much to bear, to concentrate on how many children have lived their childhood here...during the past 81 years! The staff manages to make Green Forest a good home, with what they have.

Our internat does not have ANY luxuries provided by endowments and gifts. After our twins, Laura and Julia, were adopted there in Dec. 2001, the Director told us that no other American had ever adopted there and nobody adopting from any other country had ever kept in touch or sent back help to them. Some had given gifts at the time of their adoption and, as the director said, “cut all ties.” He and our girls’ “mamas” asked us not to forget them after we came home. How could we!!!! We are thankful that through Life2Orphans we can show the children and young people of Green Forest that they do have friends in the world who care for them.

The director has told us that they need to replace many beds that are in seriously bad condition. He also said that bad mattresses are particularly hard on some young people who have scoliosis.

Now we ask for your help to provide as many new beds as our gift can buy. We are so grateful for ANY gift of ANY amount! L2O has reached many POM goals with $5 and $10 donations! Please help again!

Cathy, 12 last May!!!! and Natalie, blessed Babushka, Co-coordinators of GFI


Xmas 2005 - All Orphanages - $2,450 raised!
The September 2005 project presents the greatest challenge ever for the Life2Orphan's Wishing On An Angel Project. Our goal is to provide Christmas presents for the over 5,300 children in our sponsored orphanages. Due to the generosity of many people, we are only 425 gifts away from reaching our goal. We must have items sent to Ukraine by the middle of October. It is now critical that we complete this project in the next 10 days. This is why we selected it for September's Project of the Month. Just imagine the light in the eyes of a child who has never in their life received a gift on Christmas day. Your contribution can make this a reality for all of our little ones. Due to generous discounts and bulk purchasing, we now estimate we can send a nice gift to a child in Ukraine for 5$ per child. Our ultimate goal is the full 425 gifts but for the purpose of the project of the month, we have set our 10 day goal at 280 happy children on Christmas morning, a total of $1400.

Kremenchuk Orphanage  - $2,252,05 raised!
The August 2005 project of the month helped purchase laundry equipment.

Kirovograd  - $919.39 raised!
The July 2005 project of the month was for Kirovograd Baby Orphanages. This month's project is to buy cribs for the babies. Together with a Rotary grant, this will help meet several needs of the orphanage.

Kiev Orphanage #12  - $745.41 raised!
Education and opportunity are currently the focus for this orphanage that has children classified as learning disabled. There are approximately 95 children ages 8 to 16 at Kiev Orphanage #12.

The June 2005 project of the month was to create a library that not only provided books, but also encouragement to the children to read. The library will include books in Russian, Ukrainian, and even English. $750 was raised by numerous contributors - thanks to all for the collaborative success.

Mykolaivka Internat  - $2673.98 raised!
The May 2005 project of the month was for Mykolaivka Internat. Thank you once again to the group effort that raised the required money.

Roschitsa  - $730.74 raised!
The April 2005 project of the month was for the Roschitsa orphanage in Kramatorsk. The Life2Orphans members contributed $750 to buy much needed laundry equipment.

Boyarka  - $1,257.99 raised!
The March 2005 project of the month was for Boyarka Baby Orphanage which is in great need of new cribs and beds.

The campaign was a complete success, with over $750 raised by multiple contributors. Thanks to everyone for their participation.

Clear the Warehouse - $1,100 raised!
The February 2005 project of the month raised funds to ship the many general donations that came in over the Christmas period.

The group raised $1,100 towards this effort, enabling the majority of these packages to be mailed out.


Antoshka  - $1,743.61 raised!
The January 2005 project of the month collected the funds to buy an industrial dryer for Antoshka, and was a complete success.

This has made a dream come true. Imagine going out to hang about 1500 pounds of laundry a day in the mud and snow - the orphanage drying lines are outside and they have no funds to pave the area outside.

A thank you from Antoshka to Life2Orphans:
"Dear Friends,
We are very grateful to you for your sensitivity and your generosity, for your sensitivy towards the needs of the orphans. Your heartfelt help has made life for the children more bright, fulfilled and happy. The children were so happy, when they saw the new beautiful outfits, shoes, and interesting toys. With the help from the vitamins, they have made the children strong and healthy. We are grateful for the ice chest it has made it easier to transport blood analysis to the laboratories and for deliveries of immunizations for carrying out preventive care to the children. And the clothes dryer -- this has been a dream for the laundry workers, who with all their might work hard for the well being of the children. But, the most important is your warmth and your love, that warm their small little hearts, you have given the light of the moon and have open up great hope.
We wish for you, that the fire in your soul never burns out the warmth and peace that you share. May all the good deeds that you have done fill your home with luck and love.
Let Gods blessings be with you now and always.

No December 2004 project of the month - Christmas!

Chinadievo  - $600 raised!
The November 2004 project of the month took care of an emergency situation at the Chinadievo orphanage. The group was notified that a terrible storm hit Chinadievo, shattering all the windows in the orphanage and smashing the roof. The orphanage is home to 120 orphans aged 3 to 10 years. We successfully raised the $600 urgently needed to fix the damage. Thanks to the 14 donors who made this possible. As always the power of collaboration is evident.

Lotikovo  - $715.00 raised!
The October 2004 project of the month raised $1500 to buy cribs for Lotikovo and repair the orphanage building. In addition, Forrest, the Lotikovo Co-ordinator, raised a further $200 for medicine - the most urgent need of the orphanage. Once again thank you to Stacey for running the monthly project and to the many contributors who made this possible. 

Nadvirna  - $750.00 raised!
The September 2004 project of the month raised money to purchase an industrial sized dryer for the Nadvirna orphanage. They do not have a dryer and have to hang dry all of their clothing and linens for the 80 babies and children aged 0-5 that live in this orphanage. Nadvirna has been without a dryer for quite some time and now that winter is approaching they are in dire need of one. Their laundry room is not all that big and they will need to dry mountains of clothes and linens indoors. Thank you to all that contributed to make a difference at Nadvirna.

Chairs for the Mission School - $720 raised!
August 2004 was our the back-to-school month and we bought 72 foldable chairs. Again thanks to the many individuals who made this possible - the power of collaboration is evident.

Children's Hope Laundry   - $750.00 raised!
July 2004 was our first monthly project. Thanks to Stacey who initiated and runs this project. We raised money to buy a much-needed washing machine and tumble dryer for the shelter in Kyiv and give the laundry room a facelift. Thanks to the many individuals who made this possible.

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How are projects selected?

Information is gathered as to the needs of the orphanages that L2O is currently assisting. The information is compiled and reviewed to evaluate what would be best for the next project. Input from all of the L2O members is also welcomed when selecting projects. In order to not bog down the projects with bureaucracy, the final decision will be made by the consensus of a few.

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How much does the average monthly project cost?

The Project of the Month can be anywhere from $500 to $1000 or more depending on the participation. We hope to get at least 20 participants in L2O for each project. Imagine what could be accomplished if 20 members each gave at least $25 toward a project!

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Is the money spent in the United States then items are shipped or is the money sent to someone in Ukraine?

The idea is to make the money “go” as far as possible. When shipping costs and time are taken into consideration, often it’s best to have the purchases made in Ukraine. When this is the case Megan Fordenbacher will arrange to have the money wired to the appropriate people. There are times when Megan or others may be able to negotiate a special price for a large purchase. If that is the case and it’s the most efficient agreed method, Megan or the designated person will make the purchase and have the items sent to Ukraine. The cost for shipping the items would be included the money that is raised for the project.

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Will I get to see pictures of how my project donation is being used?

Yes. Pictures will be taken to show the outcome of the project. Depending on the project, pictures may be taken throughout the project also. It is important to have a report back as to how you impacted the life of an orphan.

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When are the monthly projects announced?

The last week of each month the project for the upcoming month will be announced. Information will be provided explaining the background on the project and the impact that can be made by completing the project.

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How do I participate?

Once a project is announced, you will have 7 days to go online to the L2O website to make a PayPal or credit card donation. Once the PayPal is in place, the preference is for you to use PayPal since L2O will not be assessed a 2.5% transaction fee. When selecting where to designate your donation, you would select ‘Project of the Month’. We ask that you be willing to contribute at least $25 to participate in the project.

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Why is there 7 day deadline for contributing to a project?

The reason we need a response in 7 days is so we can budget and complete the project in a reasonable time frame. There are times when the ‘7 day’ deadline could be overlooked for additional donations if that’s what is best for making the project a success.


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