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Life2Orphans has signed up to be an affiliate of various online stores, and therefore will get a small percentage of sales from them whenever someone uses a link on this page to purchase items.

Using these links does not cost you anything extra, it just gives Life2Orphans a commission when you purchase something through our link.

Life2Orphans will use the money raised from these purchases to pay for the shipping of items received from corporate donors to the Ukrainian orphanages.

Shopping Tips When Using These Links:
(To get the maximum $ for Life2Orphans)

1. Only enter the stores through the links on this page.
(Any other entry into the store may not tag your purchase as one benefitting L2O)

2. Empty your basket before you begin shopping.
(Items previously in your basket may not receive commission credit)

3. Complete your purchase within 24 hours.
(Your session ends after this time period, and L2O will not get credit for any of the items you purchase.)

4. Bookmark this page or set it as your home page to ensure that you remember to use these links for your shopping.

5. Take advantage of the coupons, sales and free shipping offers.

6. Ship directly to the mission to save on shipping.

Nazarene Ministry of Help
Attn: Megan Fordenbacher
5805 SE Gladstone
Portland, OR 97206

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