Life2Orphans Therapy Project

Condemned to a Lifetime of Disability

Children that cannot walk by the age of four
are shipped off to hospitals where 30% of them die.

There are special needs kids
(CP, Down Syndrome, etc.)
at the following orphanages:

Antoshka - 30 children
Boyarka - 25 children
Green Forest Orphanage - 20 children
Internat 1 in Sevastopol - 41 children
Kremenchuk - 20 children
Lotikovo - 4 children
Nadvirna - 8 children
Svalyava - 5 children
AIDs Orphanage - 80 children

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No Therapy Equipment

This means that the babies and toddlers get left
swaddled in their cribs, condemning these children to
a life of no hope and despair.

  Help a child walk and give them a lease on life!  

Here is a list of suggested equipment
that will help transform the children's lives from a life of
despair to a life filled with activity and hope!


Designed to provide support for children who are just learning to walk and need a balancing aid as they begin to develop walking skills. For children from 1 to 4 years, approximately.

Here is a small corner chair which allows children with CP to be able to sit up better and gives them a tray to eat from or do activities on. Usually children with CP have tight hamstrings, which makes it difficult for them to sit in a regular chair. These chairs make a HUGE difference.

For kids with CP it is important they stand up and put weight on their legs so that their hips do not go out of joint. This is a stander which allows the child to stand up and do activities on a tray.

These are benches, which are adjustable to the child's size and allows the therapist to practice "sit to stand" with them, which is the first thing they learn before being able to walk. The bench can be tilted a little to help the child to master this.
Ankle Foot Orthoses

Corrects the foot to the best possible position of function to provide appropriate stability.

In 2004 Life2Orphans shipped out special needs equipment including wheelchairs to Lotikovo and Green Forest Orphanage, and equipment to Boyarka and Antoshka. Two walkers and a positioning chair were shipped out in 2004 as well.

Updated report:
"Pine Tree society ( will make custom corner chairs that will sit on the ground for the children to play and strap into a regular adult sized chair at feeding time. They will customize the chair for free, so the the chairs will be $75 each plus $35 for padding and $10 for shipping. So, a total of $115 a chair. The chairs will also come with a pummel to go between the legs, straps, and a tray."

"I am still in shock at the price, we couldn't have ordered one chair with all of these accessories for $500 through another catalog."

Any donations towards purchasing this equipment
would be very much appreciated.

Collect and Send Therapy Equipment

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