Vocational Training Project


If you adopted from Ukraine have you ever wondered what might have happened to your son or daughter if they had remained in the orphanage system?  Orphans are released at age 16 or 17, and are left to fend for themselves.  With no family, skills or financial means it is inevitable that these children either become victims of crime or turn to crime to survive.


“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime”

—Author unknown


It costs $45.65 per month, usually for a period of 12 months, to sponsor a child who has “graduated” through the orphanage system to go to a trade school or specialized classes. Some of the trade school/training options include:

The students who decide to participate in the Vocational Training Project have to comply with the following requirements:
     1) present written confirmation of their enrollment into the program and copies of their grades after each semester;
     2) attend monthly life skills training and group meetings;
     3) participate in group activities organized by the Graduate Support Center.

There are also some other basic rules for participants that are formalized in a special agreement that all program participants have to sign.


Depending on the orphanage, some of the students may have access to some of the following additional resources:
   1) English and computer lessons at the Children's Computer Center
   2) free use of computers and printer for studies
   3) access to the Internet for job search and studies
   4) individual tutoring in various subjects (performed by teacher volunteers from the orphanage)
   5) assistance of the orphanage dentist
   6) coverage of medical fees in case of hospitalization and other emergency medical assistance
   7) legal assistance and representation in various government agencies
   8) family crisis intervention
   9) assistance in finding a place to live
   10) 24-hour emergency telephone service

   11) free lease of cell phones in case there is no telephone line in their apartment/dormitory; 12) other individual assistance as needed.


The students are paid money once a month (those who have proved to spend their money wisely), or 2-4 times a month (those who are still learning to budget their income).  They have to sign a receipt every time they receive money.  Our volunteers in Ukraine keep in close touch with the trade schools that the students attend, so they always have first-hand information about their progress.  The trade schools call them every time there is a problem, such as the student doesn't come to school for several days, doesn't do well in studies, etc.


We have not set any requirement on the contact between sponsor and child, but you will receive pictures and information of the child you are sponsoring.  You can sponsor an orphan online on the Life2Orphans website using your credit card OR BANK TRANSFER- simply donate $40 per month, usually for a period of 12 months. Life2Orphans Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the US, tax ID #20-5820570 .

The following orphanages are currently participating in the Vocational Training Project:

          Sponsors Needed: Sevastopol Internat #1
          Fully Sponsored: Mykolaivka Internat
          Fully Sponsored: Kiev Orphanage 12

For more information regarding the Kiev Orphanage 12 Vocational Training Project, contact Kelly S.

For more information regarding the Mykolaivka Internat or Sevastopol Internat #1 Vocational Training Project, email us at questions@life2orphans.org

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