Get Involved

Did you know that orphanages are damaging to children? Research shows growing up in an institution harms children emotionally, physically and developmentally. Children need the love of a family to survive and thrive, but not everyone can adopt... That's okay, we need your involvement to continue providing for these children in Ukraine.

L2O offers many opportunities for you to get involved.

  • One on one caregivers through our IOC Sponsorship page allows you to provide basic needs, medical, supplemental and development help for an orphan. You receive updated photos and reports annually.
  • You can support families financially by donating to their adoptions.
  • You can adopt
  • You can ship a prepackaged boxes of humanitarian aid supplies, medical equipment, and special needs support products directly to orphans/orphanages
  • Provide an orphanage with Christmas Cheer.
  • Help us with our general fund for current and ongoing projects