IOC Sponsorship

Individual Orphan Care (IOC) Sponsorship is a unique way for you to provide for the vital needs of orphans in Ukraine. IOC allows you to support a specific child on an ongoing basis. Your donation, either through monthly or annual payment provides OT, PT, or other developmental therapies, Provides opportunities for the orphan to bond to others appropriately, Teaches the child independent care (if applicable), provides supplemental food/medications as necessary.


Age: 10

Vera needs many therapies and services. Sponsorship will provide those service opportunities along with diapers, supplemental foods/medicine, and assistive equipment. Dx: Autism, Heart disease, myopia, crossed eyes.


Age: 15

Inna is in need of a sponsorship to provide the physical and mental stimulation she needs. She is in need of a special rocking chair, games, musical items, baby puzzles, books, and items for her physical therapy. Inna spends her days in a bed, she needs out! She needs a sponsorship to provide her with a one on one caregiver who will get her out of bed and moving. Dx: Severe delays, cerebral spastic infantile paralysis, double hemiplegia, microcephaly, epilepsy, dysplastic hip joints


Age: 14

Tatiana is in need of additional support through Sponsorship. Your sponsorship will provide Tatiana with reflex stimulation exercises, and massages by a personal caregiver. Sponsorship will also be able to provide special simulators, toys, and PT/OT supplies. Dx: rough mental delay, Tetraparesis of slight degree


Age: 15

Polina is a tiny girl who needs a sponsorship to continue her progress. She is currently standing with help, drinking from a cup independently, and is learning to walk. A one one one caregiver with give this sweetie the support she needs to thrive by receiving PT/OT/Speech therapy. She is in need of a walker, diapers, and supplemental food. Dx: Down syndrome, Dysplastic cardiopathy, Umbilical hernia, Convergent concomitant strabismus.